Tiny Leaps: New YouTube Channel

Integrated Youth Development Centre launched a new YouTube channel named ‘Tiny Leaps’ to give a forum for young people and children to propose their ideas to the world and to share inspiring stories of young people. The channel was launched on 8th October, 2020 which was the World Day of Sight as the first story was about the life of Hannah Alice Simon, who inspires the world with her extraordinary will power to overcome the physical deficiency of blindness.

Rev. Fr Joyce Thonikuzhiyil SDB, the Provincial, launched the channel through a webinar. Rev. Fr. Jose Koyickal SDB, the Vice-Provincial; Rev. Fr. Shibu Davis SDB, the Rector of Don Bosco Vaduthala and Hannah Simon spoke during the programme. Rev. Fr. Manu Michael SDB, the Director IYDC, spoke about the need and the importance of such a channel and its possibilities. The session concluded with vote of thanks by Rev. Fr. Josh Kanjooparambil SDB.

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